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The job of a police officer is to make arrests. The job of an assistant district attorney is to get convictions. If you are contacted by either DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM! No matter how they say it, they are looking for you to make an admission or at the very least, a mistake. It is vital that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your very liberty could be at stake, you MUST retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. An experienced defense attorney will be able to size up a situation and look at various factors, such as the charges, the criminal history of the client, the judge who will be presiding and the assisant district attorney prosecuting the case to make determinations as to stratergy and tactics for your defense. Contact our office to bring experience and dedication to your defense.


Buying a house is an enormous step for anyone, mistakes during the purchase or sale of a residence may have consequences for years to come. An experienced real estate attorney can guide you through the maze of broker agreements, contracts of sale, title reports and closing documents. We strive to make sure that our clients understand each and every step in the process. We undertand that this is a stressful time in your life and we attempt to make the process as user friendly as we can. Generally, a real estate transaction is a happy occasion. One side wants to sell and one wants to buy, we do everything in our power to make the transaction take place.


A will is the instrument that disposes of your property and names an executor and guardian for your minor children.Having a valid will makes your passing a much less stressful expierence for your survivors. We also prepare Health Care Proxies, Living Wills and Durable Powers of Attorney as part of our basic planning package. The State of New York will make choices for you and your loved ones if you do not. Contact our ofice for a consultation as to what your options are when making these decisions.


Our office will assist you in deciding on the type of business entity that will best serve your needs. Corporations, Limited Liability Companies, Partnerships or Sole Proprietorships each have advantages and disadvantages. Getting a proper start to your business is the first step to your success. Our office will work with you from the inception of your business to insure that you avoid the pitfalls that accompany any business startup. We will review leases, contracts and other legal documents and explain them in terms that you can readily understand. As a solo practicioner and a small businessman himself, Mr. Kistler understands the problems associated with the operation of a small but growing enterprise.


114 Old Country Rd. Suite 200 Mineola NY Mineola
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