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The job of a police officer is to make arrests. The job of an assistant district attorney is to get convictions. If you are contacted by either DO NOT SPEAK TO THEM! No matter how they say it, they are looking for you to make an admission or at the very least, a mistake. It is vital that you speak with an experienced criminal defense attorney. Your very liberty could be at stake, you MUST retain an experienced criminal defense attorney. Contact our office to bring experience and dedication to your defense.

Each case has three key elements, who is the judge, who is the Assistand District Attorney assigned to your case and who is your defense attorney. One of the skills an expierenced defense attorney brings to your case is that he is familiar with the way a judge will look at you case. Some judges are more lenient and some judges are harsher than others. Your attorney may want to present your case to the judge in differents perspectives depending on who the judge is. ADA's are people, they bring different personality traits, work habits and legal skills. Your attorney should be familiar with the various ADA's so he can present your case in a light that he knows will be more sympathetic to a certain ADA or to put more pressure on another ADA. These are skills that are refined over time and are essential for the best outcome for your case.

Having worked in the courts for eleven years and fifteen years as a criminal defense attorney, I bring a unique insight to how to deal with the courts and the various ADA's.








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